Pigging Systems

Removing residual product from a pipeline is not new technology, but transferring this technology to some industries is difficult.

Pigging Systems

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Controlled …Consistent …Clean

Our three distinct systems have are designed to tackle the key issues facing manufacturers of:

  • Cleaning
  • Reliability

Recovering product from lines that would ordinarily be wasted
All these potentially cause:

  • Down time
  • Loss of productivity
  • Waste
  • Cost money

Working with HpE Process we supply the only Product Recovery System that has EHEDG approval, and one of the only two that have 3A approval. Our systems are the most hygienic on the market.
The Premisphere Product Recovery System technology offers a full range of systems that can be tailored to suit any process or budget. It features a totally in line design with no off line cavities or external to internal moving parts. The Premisphere system uses magnets to control the launch and retention of the spherical pig. The use of a sphere ensures the highest standards of cleanliness, provides a longer lifespan of the pig and is fully cleanable in place (CIP).
Our Product Recovery Systems will greatly assist manufacturers with the regulations on the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive, relating to the waste reduction of waste, effluent and water use.
The combination of 3 very different systems, each having its own features, allows us to provide a product recovery system that is tailored to your process. We provide independent advice and un-biased technical support at the all-important enquiry stage for your project.

» Reducing water & energy consumption?
» Reducing waste and effluent?
» Maintaining hygiene standards?

These issues are of paramount importance to companies involved in the manufacture & processing of food products. The installation of a Premisphere Product Recovery Systems will ensure that such companies will benefit from significant reductions and achieve considerable payback within a short time.

“Pigging” to remove residual product from a pipeline is not new technology, but transferring this technology to some industries is difficult.

Working within the Premisphere Systems group we have designed innovative control to ensure safe and precise control. This enables the system to be specifically designed for any industry, avoiding problems associated with other industrial pigging systems.

If you require any further information please contact us or visit the Premisphere web site www.premisphere.com

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